REGISTRY.HM Registration Policy
Namespace Structure
Domains are allocated directly within .hm [eg.]
Domains must be at least three characters long [eg.]
Domains can only contain alphanumeric characters and dashes [eg. a-z, 0-9, -]
Domains must start with an alpha character [eg. is not valid]
Upon application for registration applicants agree to be bound by terms and conditions of the HM Domain Registry which may change from time to time.
Obscene or otherwise offensive domain names are not acceptable. Domains which imply an interest in the management of the HM domain space are similarly not permitted.
Registration of surnames (as contained in a reputable database) is not permitted. Surnames are reserved for the use of MY.HM, a provider of email and related services who has supported the operation of the HM Domain Registry and the trust for the benefit of the Heard and McDonald Islands. If you are interested in obtaining these services you should contact directly.
HM Domain Registry and the administrators of the HM zone reserve the right to refuse application, suspend or cancel registration of any domain.
In the case of conflicting name requests between an applicant and an existing listing held by the registry it is left to the parties concerned (applicant and listed entity) to resolve such matters and report to the registry if the resolution involves a change of registration details.
All registration information is considered to be information in the public domain and may be made accessible using the Internet as the publication vehicle. No provision is made concerning acceptance of information under any imposed condition of confidentiality or non-disclosure.
The use of unsolicited email as an advertising technique is not tolerated by the Registry. Any unsolicited email:

(i) advertising a URL within .HM
(ii) apparently sourced from a server within a .HM domain
(iii) with a source or reply-to address within a .HM domain

may result in termination of service and/or removal of the affected domain and other related domains from the dns zone files. (Related domains means domains which have a registrant or contact details in common with the affected domain.)
Registration Fees
There is an annual registration maintenance fee charged for each domain. The registration fees pay for the high maintenance costs in servicing the domain name space and providing sufficient network facilities to ensure its efficient operation. There is no additional charge for application and the registration fee is not payable where the registration is refused.
Educational and scientific institutions operating in the region served by the HM domain are entitled to free registration of an appropriately selected domain name.
Failure to pay for a new domain registration within 7 days of the date of application will result in the removal of any domain from the Registry's database. There are no exceptions to this rule as this task is performed by an automated process.
The annual registration fee is currently US$35.
HM Domain Registry, its agents, employees and any associated entities shall not be liable for any electronic or other failure occassioning loss or damage either realised or potential.
HM Domain Registry reserves the right to vary these policies and details of the registration process generally without prior notice.
HM Domain Registry reserves the right to alter registration fees from time to time where necessary in order to maintain the effectiveness of the domain name space. These policies are provided as a guide and are not an exhaustive statement of customer obligations. For a full statement of customer obligations and registration conditions email a request to



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